The ItaloQueen

The ItaloQueen
Birth name
The ItaloQueen
Friday evening Show

ItaloQueen (Sandra 1968) Early eighties I was listening to different radio stations on FM.
A few years later (1983-1984) I was fed up with the music they played at that time.
So I tried something different instead and was searching for a station who
played disco music. Soon I discovered Radio Stad Den Haag at 97.2. Wow, what
they played was really magnificent, so I decided to stick to this station.
I started to collect vinyl’s and spend all my money. I recorded several shows on cassette.

In the late nineties I got in touch with Napster and got to know more people all over the world with the
same passion. I was searching for freaky and unknown songs.
My collection grew enormously and started to share my music with other users on Napster

I was approached in 2003, by Arthur Poortman to make a show on Radio ‘s-Gravenzande.
I tried to play as many unknown songs as possible, which I’ve never heard at any other station before.
During the same period, DJ Ab was also having his own show called, De Mist in met DJ Ab.

In 2007 I met my husband DJ Ab and after a while we decided to make one show by mixing songs for 1 or 2 hours up until today. We are still discovering new and unknown numbers and want to share them with our listeners all over the globe.

Italo Disco the BEST music ever invented and discovered in my entire life, thanks to pirate radio Stad Den Haag.