Dj Ab

Dj Ab
Birth name
Dj Ab
Friday evening Show

Dj Ab (1970) started collecting Italo music back in 1985

In 1988 I began at fantasy radio 104.7 in the ether (later 103.2) I did a lot of nonstop mixing and also presented programs (3 to 3) in the 90s I was a DJ at Patijnenburg radio, radio Stad s-Gravenzande and of course fantasy radio.
The programs were always mixed and I was trying to play a little different than all the other DJ`s at the other radio stations
When fantasy began to broadcast on the Internet, I was approached soon again to make programs at Fantasy
And after all those years we still do it with a lot of pleasure.
My regular evening was always the Friday evening. Nowadays I have a program on Friday evening together with the ItaloQueen on