Zanin Farrell on Fantasy Radio

Zanin Farrell on Fantasy Radio

Zanin Farrell, does it ring a bell? Yes, of course he is the son of the famous Bobby Farrell of BoneyM. The band who scored many hits and sold million and million record in the seventies and eighties. It is more than ten years ago that Bobby Farrell passed away.

Some time ago I came in contact with his son Zanin. He is stepping in the footprints of his father. He is performing as Boney-M Junior and they just released a new single “Brown Girl In The Rain”. You can listen to his single on Sunday 18th July at 8 p.m. in Ritmo Della Domenica.


O.C. Lee

July 17th, 2021



  1. Noemy says:

    I love the song, makes me ? I can’t stop danc

    • Wapperino says:

      Hi, Thanks for listening to Fantasy Radio. Yes, it is a catchy song. Guess we will hear more from Zanin Farrell in the future. Regards from the Fantasy Radio Team.