Il Ritorno with DJ MarcOne

Il Ritorno with DJ MarcOne

Tonight a brand new Il Ritorno with DJ MarcOne

7:00 PM On the beats

8:00 PM DJ MarcOne

He takes you from the eighties to the nineties and the zeros Tuuuuune in on



December 14th, 2023

One comment

One Comment

  1. Hello Dj MarcOne ~
    We have a new release called “Soldiers of Love” that we would like to send to you.

    Created by Greek composer Thomas Bainas, and the Tyrants in Therapy from Los Angeles, “Soldiers of Love” was born one hot summer night on the island of Crete.
    We think you and your listeners will enjoy “Soldiers of Love.” It’s a new 80s EuroPop hiNRG track with a timely message. Please send us an email address where we can send you mp3s. Thank you!

    Regards from Los Angeles.
    Abbe & Michael
    Tyrants in Therapy