Enzo Margaglio on Fantasy Radio

Enzo Margaglio on Fantasy Radio

Dear Listeners! We are very proud to announce that Enzo Margaglio has shared some nice creations with Fantasy Radio. Enzo is an Italian musician and video creator who is living in Germany since 1989. He is a creative audio and video artist who made many productions, videos, remixes and creations on a wide spectrum in the music and tv industry. On Sunday 21 March you can hear a masterpiece with a blink to the 80’s on Ritmo Della Domenica! Take a look at his website So tune in at Fantasy Radio 8.00 p.m. (G.M.T. +1)


O.C. Lee

March 15th, 2021



  1. Emmett McAuliffe Esq. says:

    Welcome Enzo!

    • Wapperino says:

      Thanks Emmett, You will her more from Enzo in the future. He is really creative and talented. We ‘d like to support that.