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Posted on August 27th, 2015 by dj-ab

Tonight we play a lot of new records

Helico – Dreamer Cafe

Radiators – Shadow Of Memories

Raf Coney – Man In The Silver Mask

Mr. Rocambola – Ugly Boy

Palermo Disco Squad – Galactica

Machinegewehr Featuring Gees Voorhees – Abhinanda (Remix)

And many many more

So tune and enjoy


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Posted on August 25th, 2015 by SpaceCsoky

FM 167

Posted on August 17th, 2015 by Ivy

digimaxHi all,

August seems to be the mix month and this week I will broadcast a SpaceSynth mix. This one is made by Digimax, a music producer from Mexico City creating Eurobeat, Italo Disco, Hi-NRG and Spacesynth music. The mix is full of fast, catchy tracks and nice an up tempo! So, SpaceSynth lovers, turn up the volume & sit back & enjoy! Tracklist below.


Greetz, IVY


01. Space Project — The Return Of Space Raiders (Ander Lundqvist — The Shah Mix)
02. Macrocosm — Secret Universe
03. Area 51 — End Of Line
04. Ciber People — The Night (Live Version)
05. Area 51 — Fire When Ready
06. Vocoderion — Spaceship Driven By A Music Energy
07. Marco Rochowski — Beyond The Gates Of Time
08. Timerider — Cocoon
09. Why Not — Smile
10. Gustaf Grefberg — Quantum Leap
11. Marco Rochowski — Itopian Sky
12. Macrocosm — Fields Of Fire
13. Area 51 — Message From Another Time
14. Gustaf Grefberg — Ghosthouse (Fright Version)
15. Alden Tyrell — Rendezvous At Rimini
16. C4 — San Diego (Mark Vera Remix)
17. Gustaf Grefberg — Machineworld II
18. Mekano Energy — Magnetic Traction
19. Galaxy Hunter — Another World