Sander & The Italoqueen

Sander & The Italoqueen

Tonight we have great mixes on Fantasy Radio again Sander made a great new mix for us Not Italo but “Out Of THe Box “ Verry good rare tracks ! And we also have a new Sandra`s Choice 7:00 PM On the beats 8:00 PM Sander 9:00 PM Sandra`s choice 10:00 PM Jan De Recht


June 14th, 2019


And The Beat Goes On by Lian Ross

And The Beat Goes On by Lian Ross

Lian Ross (Josephine Hiebel) is a european Hi-NRG/Eurodisco singer and songwriter best known for her famous hits such as “Fantasy“, “Say You’ll Never“, “Scratch My Name“, “It’s Up To You” among others which has guaranteed her a


August 14th, 2016

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