O.C. Lee

O.C. Lee
Birth name
Ritmo Della Domenica

O.C. Lee

The Summer of 1984 was a magical one when i start loving Italo Disco. Together with a friend we travelled to a camping in Saarburg (Germany) We met, except a lot of nice girls, two boys from Delft (NL). They had a lot of Italo mixtapes and we played over and over songs from Scotch, Koto, Max Him and many others. After that magic holiday i went to the recordstore to buy some Italo records. The record store owner was astonished and looked if i came from another planet, when i asked for those songs. It was hard to find Italo records those days, but my first Italo record was the 12 inch from Koto – Japanese Wargame. Due the “In the Mix” sessions from Ben Liebrand i start to mixing. I had a horrible setup with simple equipment; turntables, self made mixing table, and an Akai 4000 Tapedeck. I cut and taped a lot on 19 cm/sec Reel to Reel those days.

Around the Millennium i started with a friend of mine italoworld.com. The site was a few years active with news, interviews and promo’s. We had a lot of contacts with artists, producers and other Italo lovers all over the world.

In the 20-tens i picked up mixing and collecting vinyl again. Recently rebuild my music room with my dj equipment in it. Step by step building it up to a nice place to record programs and mixes for Fantasy Radio.

Feel free to contact me at:[email protected]