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Peet Need

Peet Need
Birth name
Di Vecchio Stampo, On The Beats Tonight

Peter (1967)

For me it all started late 70’s when Azoto’s “San Salvador” came out.
It was a revolution at that time. Little did I know that it was Italo, I was 12 years old. I really loved that early 80’s era when Cowley and Bobby O ruled the music industry with their revolutionary sound. It was just unbelievable what those songs did to me, it hit me right in the heart!

It wasn’t untill 1984 that I bought my first record: Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round and 1 year later my first original Italo: Albert One – Heart on Fire. Due lack of money, collecting went very very slow, just several records a month. At a certain point in my life I decided: From now on “I MUST have every record that I love”! So now my collection contains about 5000 records.

I started mixing around 1988 and discovered I really loved it! Especially when transitions were long and tight. For many years I locked myself in my bedroom to practice my ass off :). That brought me where I am today and I am still loving collecting and playing at gigs from time to time. I have also been making my own productions. I’ve gained so many friends over the years in the scene around the world that it really is like family!

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