Birth name
Ivy's Music Secrets

Ivy (Yvette 1968).
I started listening to Italo when I was around 17.
There were a few radio stations and of course there was the i Venti D’Azzurro chart.
In the 80’s I was friends with deejay Michael. He made his monthly Clearsound tapes and through him I got to know lot’s more Italo.

After the launch of the CD I lost track of it for a quite a while.
Throughout the years I always missed it and started playing my old tapes again.
By the time internet was up and running I dug myself back into my old passion and found forums and other Italo fans online and loads and loads of old and new music which was available, but now on mp3. My collection grew extensively and I discovered the darker and more freakier stuff which I really liked.

I hooked up with Fantasy Radio in 2007, became a member of the database commission and later started my non stop program: Ivy’s Music Secrets. Except Italo, IMS is also based on electro, spacesynth, synthpop and new-wave which I also love and has lot’s of cool electronic sounds in it.

In the past years I have also had the privilege to have been to loads parties here in the Netherlands but also abroad in Finland, Sweden and Italy. I have seen and met many of the artists and made friends with lot’s of other Italo fans from all over the globe.
We are truely a worldwide Italo family and it’s something extremely unique to be part of!