Eddy Orlando

Eddy Orlando
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Eddy Orlando
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I started as a dj in the early 80’s with a group of friends on the pirate stations in Dordrecht. In 1986 I discovered Italo by listening to Radio Stad Den Haag in those days. We started playing a lot of Italo in our own radioshows and I came into contact with Deejay Michael and Marcello who joined in our studio a few times and later became a weekly guest via telephone in my Italo show on the legal local radiostation of Dordrecht in the early 90’s. I also started collecting Italo vinyl in those years and bought a lot of cool records at the legendary parties in Le Mouton! The dj and vinyl hobby were on a lower level for many years until in 2013 a reunion with all dj’s from the 80’s was organized and I founded the internet station Radio 078 in Dordrecht which is still alive these days. Of course Italo is also part of the playlist!

Reading Michael’s brilliant book Mad About Italo made me start collecting vinyl again and it was Michael who asked me to make a show for Fantasy Radio and that’s where we are now!


Fantasy Radio