DJ Rizzo

DJ Rizzo
Birth name
On The Beats Tonight

(Richard 1973)

Music has always been an important part of my life. At the age of 5 I practiced classical music lessons on the piano. As the time went, popular music got my attention. Experimenting with my tape deck, trying to put two tracks together, was one of my favorite things to do. In the mid 80’s I started to collect all kinds of music. At first it was just popular Top 40 tunes but later on I got infected with the sound of “Italo Disco”. In those days I listened to Radio Stad Den Haag 24-7.

In the 90’s I started spending a lot of time in my private home studio. I shared this passion with 2 good friends and started dj-ing with them. We called ourselves “The CD-Jay Team”. At first we played our sets for close friends only but later on also at trance parties and even for a local radio station in Delft. And of course we still played our Italo classics at home.

10 years and a lot of fun later, our CD-Jay Team broke up and we decided to go in different ways. Nowadays 2 former members of our CD-Jay Team are DJ hosts on Fantasy Radio. DJ AjeN and I both contribute to the “On The Beats Tonight” format with our Italo mixes and
are planning to continue doing so for a long time!

You ask what inspires me besides music? Different things. Family, sports (I like to play tennis in my free time), computer games. You won’t tell me, but I love very different genres of games – quests, arcades, even online casinos. Oddly enough, I am very lucky in playing slot machines and live dealer roulette. I can lose a lot in the evening, but the next day it is good to win back. It seems to me that these casinos are these are the highest in terms of earning opportunities.