Ritmo Della Domenica 049

Ritmo Della Domenica 049

There was a time when people looked astonished to see a man in a dress, those days are over since Divine went the dragqueen into public! It is always a good idea to end a show with a dragqueen. Tonight we have two of them, Divine and Queen Michi. Queen Michi is the alter Ego of my collegue DJ Michiel van der Brugge. (check it out Another alter ego is Tam Harrow as the antagonist of Tom Hooker. Tom and Tam make graeat records and tonight we have not today , not tonight in our show. Listerers of my show know my love for the tracks of Bobby Orlando and Purple Disco Machine. Tino Schmidt (PDM) released last Friday his new album Exotica, loaded with Gems and Bombas! I guess it will be the album of 2021!


O.C. Lee

October 16th, 2021

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