Ritmo Della Domenica 046

Ritmo Della Domenica 046

There was a time that all the boys had long hair, in the eighties was also such a periode. Groups like Duran Duran, modern Talking and Shanghai. Shanghai was a group from Sweden and that made some Italo/synth pop tracks. Five guys with tons of hairspray to get their stylish coupe in order. With Africa (a B-side of Ballerina) the group scored a second hit in Europe. A good Scotch is at least 12 years or over. This one pictures is more than 35 years old … it tastes great. Our Fantasy D.J. Carlo Oliva produced also great records. Karl Olivas Follow me is restyled in 2015, I love this jewel. Alex Valentini made in 2016 this nice track, It’s Time. You will hear a nice version tonight made by Flemming Dalum. Before we go sleeping with Italoconnection we have Blue Star Project from Sweden. This Saturday Night tastes for more. Who never dreamed about Fun Fun, the catchy beat, stunning voices and lovely ladies are a feast for eyes and ears. Give me your love will end the show tonight with te lovely voice of Antonella Pepe.


O.C. Lee

September 25th, 2021

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