New Lusso Records

New Lusso Records

Hey Italo friends,

Lusso Records round 4 will be ready next week. The records can be pre-ordered, only 100 copies will be pressed, so be there in time and enjoy the music.

Pre-order can be done via: [email protected]

Price per piece is € 22.90, send me an email and you will receive all information very quickly.

Below an impression of the new releases:

LUMIX MIX Round 4 – Promotion van Lusso Records

LUMIX 015 P. Diso – Dreamland

LUMIX 016 Monica Zanda – Give Up

LUMIX 017 B. Rose – Hey DJ

LUMIX 018 Ayshe Tram – Something You Forgot / Roman Men

LUMIX 019 Mention – In Venice / Pretty Face (Mention version) / Strange World (REMIX)

LUMIX 020 True Colors – Limit

There are also a number of previous releases for sale, if you are interested you can always contact me.

Enjoy the summer and see you soon,





September 14th, 2021

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