Ritmo Della Domenica & Domenica MashUps

Ritmo Della Domenica & Domenica MashUps

Tonight a very special evening, besides Ritmo Della Domenica we will start a new show. Carlo Oliva’s Domenica MashUps! For Italo lovers Carlo doesn’t need any introduction. You will enjoy it!
Ritmo Della Domenica will have a special edition from Follow Me of Karl Olivas (Carlo Oliva). Mika Ella will be free in Amsterdam, that was before the lockdown :-). On Valentine her new Album will come out, “Take It Or Leave It Baby”. More info you can find here. We well end RDD in Russia where Dmitriy Vasiliyev is Digitalo! Very smashing record!


O.C. Lee

February 7th, 2021

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