Ritmo Della Domenica 012

Ritmo Della Domenica 012

Tonight we will have a one hour non stop mix. I turned my studio upside down and expanded with some equipment like a TD-3, RD-8, Synth from Arturia and a ZED 420. So I had to change my planning a little bit. But …..we will start with one of my top 5 Italo track, It’s Allright from Carlo Oliva! This super Italo has really something special to me. Later on the show you will hear also someone from Parma … guess who?? (The same city as Carlo Olivas lives) At the end of the show we have a nice track from Tom Hooker (2016) It sounds so nice and has a link to the 80’s.


O.C. Lee

January 31st, 2021

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