Di Vecchio Stampo number 100

Di Vecchio Stampo number 100

Yeahhhh!!This tuesday show number 100 of Di Vecchio Stampo!!!

A special 2 hours show full of bomba`s !

Never thought it would come this far,so ofcourse i am super proud and want to thank all listeners that have supported me through out this time!

Special thanks to all the people who are sending me great tracks to play ,you know who you are but the deepest respect goes out to Mark and Flemming

My Friends made this special bingo game for DVS 100 because it seems i use A lot of oneliners over and over again??..priceless gift guys!!

Amazinggg ..Thanks to my BaldeeMate Dennis for hosting this was fun??

Hope you all tune in @20 CET on , Enjoyyy



December 22nd, 2020

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