Lost Legacy – Lycan (Time Machine Productions)

Lost Legacy – Lycan (Time Machine Productions)

Lost Legacy is a production name for the project which is a tribute to one of the most popular Italo Disco bands, Radiorama. Radiorama sound is close to Time Records and Power Records style, but has its own unique horror-romantic flavour with strong synth brasses and powerful bass lines.

Collage_Lost Legacy - Lycan

“Lycan” takes you to the world of mystic legacies, continuing the same path that the Radiorama hits “Desire”, “Vampires, “Aliens” and “Yeti” began.

The track is composed by F. Ricci-R. Calzolari-M. Traversoni-I. Foresta. The original idea and arrangements are from Fabio Ricci, as sound engineering and mixing of the “Extended” and “Another Mix” as well. On the flipside, there are two mixes (“Fullmoon Mix” and “Silver Mix”) sound engineered by Laurent G. who is responsible also of the original Radiorama sound from the 80s. Wonderful vocals belong to Dario Gobbi and Clara Moroni.

Tracklist :

A1 Lycan (Extended Mix) 8:20
A2 Lycan (Another Mix) 5:12
B1 Lycan (Fullmoon Mix) 7:22
B2 Lycan (Silver Mix) 5:58

Composed by F. Ricci-R. Calzolari-M. Traversoni-I. Foresta

Arranged by F. Ricci

Sound Engineered by F. Ricci / L. Gelmetti

Vocals by D. Gobbi & C. Moroni

Produced by Kimmo Salo for Flashback Records



June 12th, 2016

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