Playlist of the Friday Evening Show Dj Ab and the ItaloQueen

Time Machine feat Albert One-Cold as ice (dub version)

Elen Cora – Forgive me

Galaxy Hunter – Space Ship One    

Fred Ventura – When i Let You Down

Reale Accademia – Beautiful Witch

One System – Life Is Very Short

Ranko – Happy World

Subburb – Ghostflight

S.C.O.R.T.A – Pertini Dance

In The Blue Hour

Claudio – Crazy In The Night

Danny Keith – I Feel Right

Tony Moore D.J. – Tonight

Hivoh – To Be Together

Funky Family – Funky Is On

Galaxy Hunter – Another world

Synth Void – Another Dimension

Synthaurion – Guests From The Farthest End

Synthetic Dreams- Man From Another Planet

Synthesis – Distant Planet

Mind Vision – Star Voyager

Alphawave – Infrered Vision

Synthesis – Fields Of Eternity

Galactic Warriors – Garden Of Venus

Rygar – From The World To The Sun

SuperVox – Time To Run

Alphawave – The Last Mission

Synthesis – Pirates of space

Mirko Hirsch – Analog Dream

Galactic Warriors – Time Travellers

Siberian Heat – Fight For Your Dreams

TM Guy – Space Race

Marco Rochowski – Cybernetic Avenger

Mind Vision – Technology

Staffan Ohman – Back To Alderaan

Max Backes – Future World

Cyber Space – A World With Friends

Cyber Space – Nightflight

Space Storm – Triangular

Synthesis – Secret energy

TM Guy – BlackHole

Mirko Hirsch – Take me

Max Backes – Check your reality

Vanello & Steven Kimber – S.O.S For Love

Neuton Mouse – Earth & Universe

Holomatrix – Journey To The Unknown

Trans X (Into the Light) – Marco Rochowski Remix

Tom Hooker & Elastic Band – Nobody loves me

Bellatrix – Knights of Planets



February 7th, 2014



  1. JosoXP says:

    Very good show, thank you very much!

  2. ItaloMind says:

    And again an excellent mix of the best music ever! Thank you so much Ab for your awesome work; Enjoying it to the max 🙂