Playlist of the Friday Evening Show Dj Ab and the ItaloQueen

Ajello Feat . Fred Ventura – My Rhytm 

Andy Romano – Robot Matador

Electrick dragon – Davorite

Alden Tyrell – The Art of Syd Mead

Savino D.J. – We rock You

Fockewulf  190 – Body Heat

Cyber Space – Strangelove

Charley – I Can’t Love

Pso – Wanna Be Startin’ Something

Italowerk – Sognando

Fred Ventura & Andy Romano – Open Your Eyes

Lucy Montenegro – Lucy In The Sky

Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity

Fred Ventura & Andy Romano – Love Explosion

Elitechnique – Minirimini

savino – demo

Fred Ventura & Andy Romano – Open Your Eyes

Miko Missioen – Thinking Of You

Jimmy McFoy – Do You Believe

Paul Parker – Right On Target

Bimba – I Love You

the v project – first hand experience in second hand love

miko mission – mr blue

Mirko Hirsch – Analog Dream

Swan – Shining Star

Tommy Sun –  Beach Love

Rick De Moore –  Flash On The Floor

Andy Romano – Every time feel allright

Foxbox – To The Beach

savino – Demo

Ken Laszlo – Inside My Music



January 10th, 2014



  1. gebesz says:


  2. Pufta says:

    Hello to everyone at music site and nice greetings from Serbia..
    It is not important to publish this comment, but I would like to ask you to tell the audio tehnician/D.J.-s who are broadcasting music over the net, to reduce the main output level, because it is too strong (more than +2-+3dB!). So I have to turn down my amplifier when I listen your music, but then to jump and to turn it on on some others.
    I am listening to your internet radio using a Foobar2000 program, and I can see which station has too weak or too strong signal (output level). Menu View -> Visualizations -> Peak meter.
    I am satisfied with your music choice and with the quality of broadcasting.
    All the best in future and thank you in advance for your time.

    • Michel says:

      Hello Pufta,

      Thanks for you suggestion, we have check this we are not to loud but where are know that we are louder than the normal internet radio stations.

      We have a spacial a little change do on our soundprocessing -> -1.2 db for total output.

      Best regards,