22-10 KRAFTWERK mix in Ivy's Music Secrets

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Exactly one year ago I played a KRAFTWERK mix because  I just so love their music. In my opinion these guys were the start of all electronic music. The real stuff with raw synths and a vocoder. As a kid I was already fascinated by the long version of Autobahn and someone gave me the record when I was about 15.  Last Friday I had the opportunity to finally see Kraftwerk live after all these years! They performed right here in the Netherlands in Eindhoven in a very unusual but great location. Only 4 concerts with 800 people. It was so amazing finally seeing all the visuals live rather than on You Tube and it was like watching a huge video wall. The 3D effects were great! Another great music memory to store in my “archive”! So, as a tribute to Kraftwerk you will hear the “Kraftwerked” mix made by Tim Zawada again.

Sit back & enjoy!  IVY


PS sorry about the poor quality photo’s. Made by an i-phone 😉




October 20th, 2013

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One Comment

  1. Menco says:

    It was a great show, I was also in Eindhoven (I visited the 19.00hr show) . It was my 3rd Kraftwerk concert and the best one till now.