NEW! The King Of Cut: Flemming Dalum, every Wednesday in May

For most Italo DJ's he is very famous for his great mixes full of unknown songs. Every time he surprises us how he finds the songs for his mixes! Fantasy is proud to present: The King Of Cut – FLEMMING DALUM!

We hope you enjoy these clever mixes full of great records. We will try to publish the playlist after each mix.

So…… Tune in every Wednesday in Mei at 20.00 PM CET!

~Greetings from Denmark – Great to see that Fantasy Radio keeps the old italo vibe alive.
Keep up the good work. Italo forever – Flemming Dalum~


April 27th, 2011



  1. TROJAX says:

    Great !! I hope you dont play just your mixes 😉 Do you will comment the tracks ? We want a story behind every track o/

  2. AlteredBeast says:

    Aaah!! This is cool news. But  is there a function to listen to each show on playback after, for all the listeners from far away?  I live in Hong Kong and will struggle to be up early to hear the show live 🙁

  3. Pim says:

    For this reason, there's a replay of each show. Look on the 'Programs Fantasy Radio' page.