24-08 Savino Deejay mix in Ivy's Music Secrets!

Hi all,

On Tuesday the 24th of August I will be broadcasting a mix made by our good friend Savino Deejay. It’s not a regular Music Secrets sort of mix but it is special because the mix is based on music played by a radiostation from Chicago called WBMX that used to be very popular in the 80’s and currently still exists on the internet.

The mix is very cleverly made, is 86 minutes and contains 300

to 400 tracks! You will hear a mixture of lots of 80’s,  freestyle, oldskool and electro. Special thanks to Savino for letting me borrow his mix 🙂

Sit back & Enjoy!

Greetz,  IVY



August 22nd, 2010

One comment

One Comment

  1. charles says:

    wbmx used to have all the classic popular “hard” term: dj’s
    worked very much toward making this music more common and redefined
    the best music
    bad boy bill ,the wizard, etc… used to play on wbmx
    i will listen or even search for archive of this broadcast!

    thank you for info