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1.MexCalling You(8)
2.2 GirlsAnother Boy in Town (Extended)(8)
3.Ken LaszloHey Hey Guy(8)
4.Alan BarryCome On (Vocal Version)(7)
5.De RogueNightlife Fashion (English Version)(7)
6.StageOcean Of Crime(7)
7.KanoI'm Ready(7)
8.P. LionDream(7)
9.KanoI Need Love(7)
10.1000 OhmThe Claim(7)
11.Mr. FreakyMay Day Love(7)
12.Future StateFuture State(7)
13.Dana KayGive Me Your Body (Extended Power Version)(7)
15.Jimmy Mc. FoyHi Girl (D.J. Mix)(7)
16.RankoHappy World (Vocal Version)(7)
17.AntillesYou And Me(7)
18.Den HarrowTo Meet Me (A-Version)(7)
19.SlyHidden Stories (Summer Version)(7)

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