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1.AntillesScene Of The Crime (Sappy's Italo Mix 2010)(5)
2.Alex ValentiniSee You Again (Flemming Dalum Remix)(5)
3.Mike StevensTwo Hearts (Dance Version)(5)
4.SavinoDemo 2(5)
5.Savino Feat. DoraSad Girl(5)
6.VirginTell Me Why (Vocal Version)(5)
7.Check Up TwinsSexy Teacher(5)
8.Victor ArkNightdream (Electro Potato Remix)(5)
10.MirageGet Down(5)
11.Sally ShapiroThis City... (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine Remix)(5)
12.Digital Reaction (Vocal Mix)Electro Potato(5)
13.Peter WilsonLike Dynamite (Italoconnection Extended Play) (Italoconnection Extended Play)(5)
14.Ryan Paris Feat. MauroBuona Sera Dolce Vita(5)
15.Brian IceTalking To The Night(5)
16.Bunny-XI Never Wanted To Say Goodbye (Digimax Night In Motion Mix)(5)
17.RamblessI'll Go Where I Like To Go(5)
18.TappsDon't Pretend To Know(5)
19.One Way ft. Max J. VaccariWe'llL Run Away (Another Extended Version)(5)
20.SwanDon't Talk About It(5)