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      Daniel Andrei Chindris

      Please write Playlist,Tracklist to this one :

      DE MIST IN MET AB SANDRA’S CHOICE 101-Peet Need Di Vecchio Stampo 46

      it is posted here :

      it is very frustrating to listen and to enjoy Fantasy Radio legendary songs italodisco and to not be available to search and listen further next time,or to buy the songs,melody.

      On your website Fantasy Radio( when you post Programs with DJs you should post also playlist,tracklist and tracks in order like are being played next after next with time also like this example :

      Date : 13.12.2019

      DJ Name : DJ AB
      His Program Name : De Mist In Met Ab
      Today Megamix Name : To The Dark Side 2
      Playlist Tracklist Info : Total Time Play(00h:00m:00s)
      Playlist Tracklist Song In Order Played :

      01 Kid Machine – Wheels of Fury (Remix19) 00:00:00 time
      02 Andy Fox – Wonder Dog 00:00:00 time
      03 Synergic Silence FT. Fred Ventura – Love Is My Answer (Rework) 00:00:00 time
      04 Mario Moretti – Cruising Speed 00:00:00 time
      05 Marc Fruttero – If You’re Feeling Blue (Extended Version) 00:00:00 time
      06 Andermay – En Rojo (Italo Connection Remix) 00:00:00 time
      07 Baby’s Gang – Challenger (Flemming Dalum Remix) 00:00:00 time
      08 Flagio M – I Want Your Love (Salta & Roma Remix) 00:00:00 time
      09 Alex Valentini – Beautiful Life (Flemming Dalum 2015 Re-edit) 00:00:00 time
      10 Riccardo Campa – Casanova (Extended Version) 00:00:00 time
      11 Carino Cat – Speed Undercover 00:00:00 time
      12 Kid Machine – Black Futura (Original Unmastered Demo) 00:00:00 time
      13 Transport – Emotions (FlemmingDalum SteenGjerulff) 00:00:00 time
      14 Paul Paul – Good Times (Kid Machine Remix) 00:00:00 time

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH FROM MY HEART&MIND.All the respect and esteem from my part.Best regards to you.Long live italodisco sound.

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      Hai Daniel Here is the playlist

      01 G.Race – On Fire – Remix
      02 Eddy Mi Ami – Breakout Memories
      03 Jock Hattle – All For One
      04 Italoconnection – Disco Discipline
      05 Trans-X – I Want To Be With You Tonight
      06 Romanelli – Connection Flight – Savino RMX (Old Style)
      07 Andy Romano – Run To Love (U.S. Remix)
      08 Monika Novak – Lane Of My Life (80s Dance Mix)
      09 23rd Underpass – Planet 21
      10 The Sweeps – Facing The Night (Extended Remix)
      11 Victor Ark – Messenger (Oscar Salguero Club Mix)
      12 Andy Romano – La Galassia
      13 Italobox – My Dream (SZMC Remix)
      14 Robert Camero – Welcome Back (Vocal Remix)
      15 Orlando – Easy Lover Remix

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        Daniel Andrei Chindris

        Thank you very much . But you’ve helped me with only 00h:54m:00s of playlist tracklist from 01h:12m:53s.If you know the rest of the playlist/tracklist i would appreciate it and i will recompensate towards you somehow.Because there are 2 Programs mixed together in one :
        First DE MIST IN MET AB SANDRA’S CHOICE 101 (00h:00m:00s->00h:54m:00s) and second DJ Peet Need Di Vecchio Stampo 46 (00h:54m:04s->01h:12m:52s).All the best greetings to you for helping me also with this playlist.I look forward to your reply.Have a nice day.Take care of you.Signed Daniel Andrei Chindris(from Romania)nostalgic in love with italodisco genre music,melody,songs since ©1986.Long live italodisco genre ©1977-present.

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      Hai Daniel . from Peet Need is no playlist . that`s a live show

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      Daniel Andrei Chindris

      Thank you for your response. It is not good that it doesn’t have a playlist/tracklist available.If you like one song from many that it has been played,then what you do? I’ve tried Shazam,Soundhound but without any resultz(luck).If you know the song from this part,i will be very happy and thankful.Here is the part/song to identify : .It starts at this time 00h:54m:12s and it ends on this time 01h:00m:15s.
      Thank you very much.Happy Winter Holidays,and Happy New Year!

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