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Daniel Andrei Chindris

Thank you very much . But you’ve helped me with only 00h:54m:00s of playlist tracklist from 01h:12m:53s.If you know the rest of the playlist/tracklist i would appreciate it and i will recompensate towards you somehow.Because there are 2 Programs mixed together in one :
First DE MIST IN MET AB SANDRA’S CHOICE 101 (00h:00m:00s->00h:54m:00s) and second DJ Peet Need Di Vecchio Stampo 46 (00h:54m:04s->01h:12m:52s).All the best greetings to you for helping me also with this playlist.I look forward to your reply.Have a nice day.Take care of you.Signed Daniel Andrei Chindris(from Romania)nostalgic in love with italodisco genre music,melody,songs since ©1986.Long live italodisco genre ©1977-present.

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