DJ Pim

DJ Pim
Birth name
Dance Mania

I started listening to Italo Disco in the 80’s and was immediately hooked. When internet started to take off my original enthusiasm was revived and i discovered Fantasy Radio where i started being involved in many more activities regarding this fabulous music. Italians are perfectionists. You see it in how they drink their coffee, in the simplicity and yet perfect balance of their cuisine, some of their cars and certainly their music.

In the 90’s many of the producers who were the core of the 80’s Italo Disco started projects with Italo Dance music. Also compared to Euro Dance from all over Europe Italy’s Dance was finest. The exceptional use of synths always really shows the perfectionistic character of the Italians and Italian Dance is more than just a chick singing some crappy text accompanied by a pumping bass. In Dance Mania i play a weekly 1 hour mix of the many Dance records produced on Italian record labels.