Fantasy Saturday

Fantasy Saturday

13:00 PM Ritmo Della Domenica with Wapperino

14:00 PM Italo Disco Brazil with DJ Sandro & Friends

15:00 PM Italo mix hour

16:00 PM Il Ritorno with DJ MarcOne

17:00 PM Di Vecchio Stampo with different Dj` s

19:00 PM On The Beats Tonight mix

20:00 PM DJ Pim –Dance Mania 2.0

21:00 PM Italo Dance with Danny Wright and Jad Wright

Exclusively on Fantasy Radio.



May 20th, 2023

One comment

One Comment

  1. listener says:

    I absolutely love that after DJ Pim is today more dance stuff.
    Please make Saturday evening completely dance stuff related!

    thank you!

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