Ritmo Della Domenica 119

Ritmo Della Domenica 119

Yessss, the new releases are fit it the program. Great new version of The Flirts made by master mixer Ben Liebrand. Anno 2023 Amanda Lear is still hotter than ever with her Follow Me. Great Gems are also present … East Wall and Nation in Blue with a hot track of their 2016 album. The lovely Lori (Loretta Grisenti) has rereleased the track Rain Or Shine. U96 has made a great track Dance Hall Days ( Great Cover from Wang Chung) Enjoy this episode and input me for more … [email protected]


O.C. Lee

May 14th, 2023



  1. marie says:

    I think I stop listen this radio.

    They don’t post playlists and now there’s major problems with this website.
    All the time I get this:


    You don’t have permission to access this resource.

    • Wapperino says:

      Hi Marie,

      My show has alway a playlist, you can click on (Ritmo Della Domenica 119) then the list will appear.

      With regards,

      O.C. Lee