Ritmo Della Domenica 047

Ritmo Della Domenica 047

El Diablo is a catchy song from Antonella. It resulted in a nice 1987 Radiorama production. Antonella Ferris was the model and Clara Monroni the vocalist. Such setup as different performer as singer are quite common in the Italo scene. When it’s getting colder we light up our fire … The Girl from Lucifer is such a song followed by the Dutch Groep L Vira with Talking ’bout Rambo (Break Records 1985). He is the hero of the singer from L Vira (Linda Snoeij) The story about Kelly Brown is a Sad one. A successfully singer from Kenia had a huge succes. Kelly Brown was tragically murdered in Stuttgart Germany where he went missing for six weeks before his decomposed body was discovered on February 3, 1989. It was rumoured that he was murdered and his body dismembered after a German tycoon failed to keep his love struck teenage daughter off the spell of Kelly Brown.


O.C. Lee

October 2nd, 2021

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