Fantasy  Year Mix

Fantasy Year Mix

The last Friday of this year we have A Great Year mix .

65 great records in one hour !

Made bij Sander .

So tune in on 27 December 8:00 PM

1 D.M.N. Intro (Revolution)
2 Radiators I Am Shure
3 Christine Free’n Easy
4 Peppermint Lounge Perfect High
5 Fockewulf 190 Body Heat
6 Koto Chinese Revenge
7 Rose Magic Carillon
8 Paul Paul Good Times
9 Savage Only You
10 Moscow Come Back
11 Siberian Heat Flute Cries
12 Loopside File Of Love
13 Mac. Jr Elephant Song
14 L.a Message Don’t Go
15 Tommy Kerisch Speedy Life
16 Savino DJ & Dora Sad Girl
17 Claudio Mingardi Forever Mine
18 Evelyn Barry Take it As A Game
19 Brian Ice Lost Tonight
20 Brian Ice Talking To The Night
21 The Voyagers Distent Planet
22 Sheila Steward It’s You
23 Plastic Mode Mi Amor
24 Topo & Roby Set On Fire
25 P.Lion Dream
26 Gazebo Telephone Mama
27 Scotch Delerio Mind
28 Cam Talk To Me
29 Den Harrow Bad Boy
30 David Wolker Tell Me What You Want To Know
31 Art Fine Dark Silence
32 Sensitive Give Me
33 Sir J. & Joey Mauro Heaven Without Angels
34 Flexi Summer Indio
35 George Aaron She’s A Devil
36 Eddy Huntington U.S.S.R.
37 Valerie Dore The Night (Revolution Remix)
38 Brian Martin Seks Tonight
39 Dyva Oh Mama Tonight
40 Happen DJ Don’t Waste Your Time
41 Camaro’s Companero
42 Time & Love Tea For Love
43 Sensitive Driving
44 Miko Mission How Old Are You
45 Robert Bravo Keep On Driving
46 Swan Don’t Talk About It
47 Angelita’s Boys Angelita’s Eyes
48 The Black Angel Change An Angel
49 Italian Boys Until The Morning
50 Dave Rodegers Rich And Famous
51 Lame You’ve Got The Night
52 Angie Dylan In The Dark
53 Joe Lettieri You’ll Be Mine
54 Polo Est Fly Fly
55 Susanne Meals Forever 
56 Riki Maltese Mama
57 J.S.R. Astronomicum
58 Paul Diamond Love Illusion
59 Ranger In Your Eyes
60 Pinto’s Device Radio Star
61 Jimy K. She’s Gone Away
62 N.O.I.A. The Rule To survive
63 Reale Accademia run Away In The Night
64 Rossanna Residenti Yo And Me Tonight
65 Felli Music Man


December 17th, 2019

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