New tracks in the database!

Hi All,

We have recently entered LOT’S of new tracks to the database for you to request!

Maybe you have already seen or even heard them. ENJOY!!

IVENTI tracks:

Bryan Ross – Let’s Go
G. & C. – In The Night
Helicon – You… See
Jimmy McFoy – Love Me The Way You Like
Joe Carrasco & M. M. – Action
Larry Day – Fashion Girl
Malcolm And The Bad Girls – Shoot Me
Mr. Rocambole – I’ve Got Your Soul
Paul Paul – Good Times
Raf Coney – She’s Mine
Rafaelle Flume – Emotion
Raffaele Flume – Il Captavibrazione
Tom Hooker – Illusions
Tom Hooker – Nobody Loves Me


A Visitor From Another Planet Feat Fred Ventura – Neon Lights
Ambra – Release
Crazy Gang – Every Sunday
Ekstasy – I Need Sincerity
Energy Voice – Call Me (SZMC Remix)
Italobox – Every Day Every Night (SZMC Space Remix)
Martin Duvall – All Night (Original Version)
Sabrina – Hot Girl
Samoa Park – Tubular Affair
Savage – I’m Loosing You
Savage – So Close
Savage – Time
Shah – Images (Get Up…)
Shane – Simba
Simon – Burning
Sissy – Queen Of Discoteque
Smiles – Pendulum
Sophie – Face To Face
Sophie – Soft Time
Spagna – I Wanna Be Your Wife
Spanish Symphonic Orchestra – Computer Game
Squires – Hold Me
Steely Chuck McDonald – Dreams
Sylvi Foster – Hookey
Theo – Hallucination
Thomas T. – Loving Again
Tobias Bernstrup – Dancing In The Shuttle
Tom Dollar – Love Is Something
Tom Hagen – Atomic
Tom Hooker Feat. Miki Chieregato – No Elevation
Travel Sex – Sexiness
Triangle – Mr. Pive
Trilogy – Not Love
Tutti Quanti – Tous En Kimono
Under Final – Tell Me Now
Void Vision – Sour (Vanzetti Sacco Remix)
Wax – Wax Dance (Dupe Edit)





September 16th, 2014

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