22-07 Mixtime in Ivy's Music Secrets !

electronic_music-nologoHi all, It’s been a little while ago since I broadcasted a mix. Actually I have no information at all about this mix except that I accidently found it and that it certainly has interesting records in it. I can’t seem to find any information about the makers at all! So maybe there is someone who does?!  I will be happy to hear about it. The mix has been made by Baby Boy & Cazuma and I have posted the tracklist beneath.

So, sit back and enjoy 🙂

Greetz, IVY


1. The Creatures – Inspiration (Full Time, IT, 1984)
2. L.A. Messina – Day Dream (Instrumental) (Discomagic, IT, 1983)
3. Mito – Unit (Including “Toccata E Fuga In Re Minore” Of J S Bach) (6:36) (Missing Records, IT, 1983)
4. The Twins – Talk To Me (Hansa, DE, 1985)
5. Matthew Dear – You Know What I Would Do
6. Torcida – Gaba Gaba (Let’s Give It Up) (Pierrot Lunaire, IT, 1984)
7. Tom Hooker – Looking For Love (Baby Records, IT, 1986)
8. Fred Ventura – Wind Of Change (Time Records, IT, 1986)
9. Mike Rogers – Just A Story (Crash, IT, 1984)
10. Tora Vinter – Calling Kyoto (SWE)
11. Sally Shapiro – Hold Me So Tight (Diskokaine, ÖST, 2007)
12. Ray – I’m Not A Dreamer (Tanga Label, IT, 1985)
13. Secession – Touch Part 4 (Beggars Banquet, UK, 1984)
14. Raggio Di Luna – Comanchero




July 21st, 2014

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