Playlist of the Friday Evening Show Dj Ab and the ItaloQueen

John Arrow – Mexico

Klapto – Mister Game

J.D. Jaber – Don’t Stop Loving

K-a-t-a – Fires In The Night

Kay Franzes – Shadow In The Night

Jonathan Gable – Central Park

Joli Band – Paradiso

Image – Hot Stuff

India Crossin’ – Times S.Q.

Tyson – After You’re Gone

ken laszlo – s.o.s

Karin Klark – Radio Man

Kirlian Camera – Edges

Ka-Zan – Give Me Your Heart

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy

Julia Claire – A Summer Romance

Katy Gray – Hold Me Tight

Kristal – Love And Magic

Killdare – Love And War

Kirlian Camera – Communicate

Ken Laszlo – Everybody Is Dancing

Joe Yellow – Take My Heart

Jupiter Black – Hold Me

Krystina – Lonley Hearts

Jacqueline – All My Heart

Tyson – Die On The Dancefloor

Marc Fruttero & Aquarius – Darkness  

Phaex – Talk About  



February 28th, 2014

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