Playlist of the Friday Evening Show Dj Ab and the ItaloQueen

Italian Boys – Forever lovers

Jimmy & Susy – Come Back

Kam Joyce – Fantasy

Judy – Give In To Me

Joe Yellow – Runner

James D. – Señor

Ambra – Dream The Summer Back

Italian Boys – Gigolo

Joe Yellow – Love At First

Kirlian Camera – k-pax

Imhan – One Million

Italian Boys – Midnight Girl

Karl Olivas – Follow Me

Kris Tallow – Mister J.

Aut Aut – I Can’t Stay Long

Jennifer Munday – Invisible

Italian Boys – Until The Morning

Iudy – The Island of the Sun

Implantation – Choose Your Lover

James D. – Skyhawk Hunter

Time Machine feat Albert One-Cold as ice

Kano- Ikeya Seki

Kazino – around my dream

Joe Lettieri – You’ll Be Mine

King Maker Mob – Mad dogs

Kono – Freeway To Love

Jimy K. – She’s Gone Away

Kano – Another Life

International Music System – Nonline

Klaus – My emotion

Jessica Blue – The Dark



February 14th, 2014

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