Playlist of The Friday Evening Show Dj Ab and the ItaloQueen

Moral Support – Living With Passion (Dance Mix Vocal)
KID MACHINE – Space Renegade
emak – tanzen (remix savino )
Authokino – Cernobyl
Flash System – Five Miles Out
DJ Bert & Eagle – I’am your master – RMX by Peet Neet
Music Service – Another song
Lawrence Ville – Mad Desire
George Gray – Life
Kid Machine – Replicants
Dyva – I Know
East Wall – Silence
Kid Machine – Dragon
M=P.B. – Co-Operation (Extended Version)
Flying DJ – Marylin
Ray Massara – DJ For Money
Modem – Valerie
Paul Faber – Only One
The Sisters Of Merci – Colours
Laserman – Unknown system
Ambra – Sulphar, Salt & Mercury (Another Savino Remix)
23rd Underpass – When The Smoke Is Going Down
The Starforce – Race Against The Time
Brain Dalmini – Can You Tell Me
Body Power – Dancing In The Tears
M. Like Moon – Sunlight
max Coveri – In The Night
Marilyn Love – Another Love
Lips Eye – Don’t Worry



August 2nd, 2013

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