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Help us to add missing songs

Your favorite Italo Disco songs not heard on Fantasy radio?
Which Songs do you think are missing in our requestlist ?

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This songs are from our listeners to listen:
Mr. Hypnotiko – Mr. Hypnotiko is Back! (Italo Disco 2013)
Lantern X – Tonight Summernight (Melanconik Remix)
Larry Day – Fashion girl
23rd Underpass – Because of Me
Supermax – Number one in my heart
Romina Power – U.S.America – 1980
Plazma – mystery
Plazma – lonely
Ugoland – 1983 Italodisco Time
Natural Beat – In the Night
Madonna – La Isla Bonita (Peter Slaghuis’ Dmc Mix)
joey mauro italo disco songs?
LUdY – The Island Of The Sun
JULIAN – Straight To My Heart (Maxi Version)


We have many new songs to listen (thanks to Dj Ab, here are some new songs)
23rd Underpass – Ommadawn (MIke Oldfield) (8:31)
23rd Underpass – When The Smoke Is Going Down (Scorpions) (6:52)
23rd underpass running (thousand miles away) (6:19)
Decadance vs Italoconnection – On And On – Flemming Dalum remix (6:58)
Flemming Dalum &amp Il Bosco – Manctalo(1) (5:47)
KID MACHINE – Space Renegade (Flemming Dalum remix) FLR005 (6:12)
Lenroy – Do You (extended version) (2013) (6:30)
Synthesis – Sunbeam 2013. (Space Synth. Extended Mix) (6:41)
Tommy Sun – No More In Love (Italo Mix) (5:59)
Truc Quynh – Let’s Go To Tokyo (Made Up Remix) (5:50)



July 6th, 2013

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