Brazil Connection

Dj Sandro & Dj Luiz Natel present 100th vinyl mix on 5-3-2013 (11:00 PM)




March 1st, 2013



  1. DJVAGALUMY says:

    Great DJ Sandro. The time of the show will start. An explosion of successes in the Brazilian connection. Congratulations and much success to you brother.

  2. DJVAGALUMY says:

    Me lembro que tu tinha um site com os sets dos programas hospedados. Não tem mais? Aonde ou como faço para encontrar os seus sets?

  3. Sandro says:

    Hey hey! Thank you DJVAGALUMY !
    Look for

  4. Dj Lico says:

    De Salvador ouvindo Fantasy.

  5. djlets says:

    playlist number 162, please!!! Thankssss!

  6. Sandro says:

    162/ 20-05-2014
    Nicky & Nicky – Souvenir
    Maini – Love Is Life
    Sam Jordan – Feel My Fire
    Giak – Inside You
    Nordest – Overnight
    Moskow – Come Back
    The Droids – (Do You Have) The Force
    Far East Connection – Ready To Go
    Man Parrish – Heartstroke
    Stefano Pulga – Love Taker
    oP.8 – Butterfly
    The Fashion – Future Girl
    Nikki Lauren – Again and Again
    Lisa – Rocket to Your Hear