Miranda Mivino`s Classics

Miranda Mivino`s Classics

Tracklist 12-11-2012



Anthony And The Camp -What I Like (Exended mix) 1988
Sky-Show Me The Way (Disconet Version) 1984
Visual-The Music Got Me (Tony
Humphries Mix) 1983
P.Lion-Happy Children & Dream Mix 1983
DMC Alan Coulthard-Joyz And Pains 1984
The B B & Q Band-Dreamer (Shep Pettibone`s Long Vocal Version) 1986
CJ Lewis-R to the A 1995
Koto-Visitors 1985
Flirts-Passion 1982
C.O.D.-In The Bottle 1983


Tracklist 05-11-2012




D-Train You Are The One For me (Labor Of Love Mix) 1981
JM Silk-Shadows Of Your Love (Extended) 1986
Pretty Poison-Catch Me I`m Falling 1988
Albert One-Secrets (Swedisch Remix) 1986
Man Parrish-Boogie Down (Bronx Mix) 1985
Penny Ford-Dangerous 1985
Mason-Pour It On (Extented) 1986
Rofo-You`ve Got To Move It On 1984
Easy Going-Fear 1979
Ganymed-It Takes Me Higher (Laserbeam Mix) 1978




November 16th, 2012

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