On The Beats Tonight

On The Beats Tonight (Finland Edition!)

  1. Love theme from Flexxy Ball – FLEXX
  2. Waiting for you – STELEE UP
  4. Overpower – DEN HARROW
  5. Happy Children – P. LION
  6. For your love – ALBERT ONE
  7. Alive – BAZOOKA
  8. Another Game – THOMAS
  9. The Cat – KEN SCOTT
  10. Secrets – ALBERT ONE
  11. The Years (go by) – FRED VENTURA
  12. Flash in the night – SAVINO feat. DORA
  13. Tonight (Italian Remix) – KEN LASZLO
  14. Hey Hey Guy – KEN LASZLO
  15. A Taste of Love (DJ TinTin Re-edit) – DEN HARROW


This week’s edition of ‘On The Beats Tonight’ by deejay Michael is totally inspired by the Italo Weekend in Finland last september. Of course are the songs from the performing artists (Ken Laszlo, Fred Ventura, Marcello Catalano, P. Lion and Albert One) added in this mix. But the mix is also inspired by the DJ’s of that particular weekend; DJ Savino, DJ Peet Need, Roberto Turatti and Tero & Kristiina. The mix even contents some parts of the singing crowd!



October 5th, 2012

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