Flemming Dalum

FLEMMING DALUM – Empire State Of Italo (include PEET NEED song)

Lenght: 100 minutes
Date: 1th of April 2011

NIGHTLESS – Crasy Nights (Spago records 1984)
PEET NEED – Slow & Easy (Unreleased)
EIN-ST-EIN – Varsavia (Celesta records 1985)
SYNTHETIC MACHINES – Roland MKS 30 + PG 200 (Upcoming Aube release)
NEGRO – Space Opera (Money Moon Records 1985)
JAIRO – Night Woman (Scarabes Sound 1985)
RUINS – Your Love (Minimal Wave 2010/1984)
SYNTHETIC MACHINES – Casio CZ 101(Upcoming Aube release)
TEST-ONE – Dreamer (Blue Rose 1983)
RUINS – Pure Desire (Minimal Wave 2010/1984)
KEEN K – Touch Me (Upcoming Radio Cosmos release)
SANDY SAMUEL – I Like Sado Music (Movie 1982)
PLUTA CONNEXION – Data Transfer (Rocktppus 1982)
TRUE COLORS – Limit (Les Folies records 1984)
MANHATTAN PROJECT – Guinnesmen (City Records 1986)
SUB BURB – Ghostflight remix (Unreleased)
JOE CICCA – Brut Brut (Roger records 1981)
FRED VENTURA – When I Let You Down K&C edit (Unreleased)
STEVE DAVIL – Shake Me Up (Eyes 1984)
MARIO MORETTI – In Love With Nebula (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
MODEL MAN – Forever Strangers (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
TONY COOK – On The Floor (Music Master Benelux 1985)
THE AURAL EXCITERS – Chinese Rap (Move 1983)
MIKE SALTA – Cosmic Run (Unreleased)
MANDRILLO – MR DJ (Borgatti 1977)
KATIA – Io Senza Di Te (UNIPRES 1987)
MATZO & PAULI – G.D.C. (Cyber Dance 2009)
KEEN K – Ouverture Imaginaire (Upcoming Radio Cosmos release)
DEN HAAN – Gods From Outer Space (The Courier Of Death 2011)
CHATO – No No No (City Records 1985)
MODEL MAN – Slipping Out Of My Hands (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
SUB BURB – Ghostflight (Unreleased)
JIMMY MC FOY – Do You Believe (Delivery Records 2008)
DEN HAAN – Universal Energy (The Courier Of Death 2011)
MARIO MORETTI – Safety Station (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
LOOPSIDE – File Of Love Savino mix (Unreleased)
MORBIUS – Killing For (Unreleased)
CAPTAIN TORKIVE – Gayrock Christian's frwctrl edit (New Angels Records 1980)
DAVID VUNK & BEN LA DESH – Turner (Unreleased)
DECIBEL – Indigestione Disko Marcello Giordani Unsusual edit (Spaghetti Records 1979)
K. BYTES – Space Invaders (F.I.R. Record)
WOLFRAM feat. PAUL PARKER – Out of Control (Permanent Vacation 2011)
JAN DEMIS – Preludio (Disco In 1983)
ORO – Sexy Lady (Fans 1978)
BLUSH – Lift Off Christian's frwctrl edit (Carnaby 1979)
ALBA feat. FRED VENTURA – Without You DUB (Upcoming Aube release)
MODEL MAN – How Do I Get You To Do (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
A.T.R.O.X. – The Journey (Contempo records 1984)
NEUROX – A Raving Night F. Dalum & S. Gjerulff Remix (Upcoming Moustache records)



May 18th, 2011

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