New tracks added to request database!

Hi all,

Thanks to DJ Michael (Mezza) we have been able to select some new tracks to request.

A. Avenue – Golden Queen
Albert One – Change Your Mind
Alpha Town – Heart To Heart
Alpha Town – Japan Japan
Ameli – New Romantic
Antonella – El Diablo (Extended)
Antonella Versace – Island Of Desire
Ayshe Tram – Something You Forgot
B. Blase – Shake It Now
Basic – Face In The Night
Brando – He's Brando
Brian Ross – Let's Go (Why Don't You Try)
Bruno Mosti – Music Of My Star
Bryan Baker – Niagara Falls
Bryan Dalmini – Can You Tell Me
Canton – Please Don't Stay
Cellophane – Music Colours
Charley – I Can't Love
Cherook – Licanthrope
Chris – Two By Two
Christina – Love Is Like A Bird
Christina – Tell Me
Christine – Dancing Hour
City O – Rose Of Tokyo
Clive Stevens And Brainchild – Mistery Man
Clock On Five – Secret Life
Connie Hyland – Girl Dream
Coo Coo – You Can Set Me Free (Dance Version)
Dea – What To Say
Deborah Haslam – Hot Stuff
Delanua – How Many Fill
Den Harrow – Bring Me To Life
Den Harrow – Make Ends Meet
Den Harrow – My Time
Divina – In The Night Together
Donna Laser Orchestra – Vega Synthauri

Happy requesting!




April 3rd, 2011

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